The Best Analysis of Climategate’s Potential Importance

Some great environmental journalism today.  In earlier blog posts, I have expressed my admiration of Thomas Fuller’s work.  He has a great analysis today, The hidden policy pitfalls of Climategate and the future of global warming.

I had missed Fuller’s December 11th column where he states,

Global warming almost literally lived and breathed because of sympathetic–no, passionately supportive–media coverage. Climategate cut the ground from under it. So no matter what the science says, and science isn’t done saying its piece on this issue, there will be a large number of newly deaf ears in the audience. You can only lose the public’s trust once. Climategate has done that for global warming advocates.

On numerous occasions I have offered the opinion that global warming has received the most one-sided coverage of any issue of my lifetime.  The “rationalization” articles I cited below are just some of the latest.  But, the tide seems to be turning toward more balanced coverage.  

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