The Real Crime in Climategate

I have great respect for Thomas Fuller, The Examiner’s environmental reporter, even we have disagreed over a particular issue.  His new post, The Real Crime in Climategate  is right on the money and presents an excellent analogy to medical malpractice.  If you are new to the issue, this will succinctly sum it up for you.

Two other columnists who counted themselves in the “settled science” camp in their initial reactions to Climategate have, on additional reflection, changed their positions as the revelations have continued to unfold:  The first is Clive Crook and the second is Megan McArdle.

When I started this blog, I planned to write little on the topic of global warming.  However, Climategate has evolved into one of the most important scientific scandals of my lifetime.  So, I hope these carefully-selected posts are helpful to my readers in understanding what has occurred and why it is important.

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