A Look at the Future

Recently, our Rotary Club had a terrific presentation about the future of advertising. We got to meet Virtual Liz. She is an amazingly lifelike interactive image that talks to you and responds to your gestures.

Today’s Wichita Eagle has a front page story about the new technology created here in Wichita.

“Virtual Liz,” is a creation of Integrated Media Group of Wichita, a company that produces movie scenes (i.e., portions of the movies, “Pursuit of Happyness,” “Hancock,” “Get Smart,” etc.), commercials, and productions you have probably seen.  I believe they are really onto something.

Be sure and read the article, it is a fascinating look into the future.

UPDATE Monday:  I just thought of the perfect use for this:  Airline check in.  Given how unpleasant many airline employees are these days, a cheerful interactive experience would be a vast improvement.

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