Daughter of Climategate

You may recall the original “Climategate” scandal that broke in November involving the leaked emails from the UK’s Climate Research Unit (CRU). The issues involved bad faith and manipulation of the peer-review process.

What I have dubbed “Son of Climategate” is — after years of insisting the IPCC used only peer-reviewed research — that many of the IPCC’s most important claims were based on pamphlets from political advocacy groups, student research, and, in at least two cases, “invented” scientific conclusions.  Son of Climategate also involves conflicts of interest involving some of this research and the highest levels of IPCC leadership.

“Daughter of Climategate” (DoC) is the manipulation of the temperature record.

There are several aspects to DoC. But, before we explore them, lets take a look at the temperature record.  Here are the NASA temperatures from 1980 to present.  Note what appears to be a plateau prior to about 1985, then a rapid raise from 1985 to 1998 and a plateau or slight cooling since.

While this is a worldwide land-sea index, there was a change in instrumentation in most of the world’s weather stations in the early to mid-90s that likely accounts for part of most of 1990′s temperature rise.

We’ll talk about that in the next entry.

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