Dave Barry and the Wienermobile

So right away I knew it was a good idea. Your most important responsibility, as the parent of an adolescent, is to be a hideous embarrassment to your child. Fortunately, most of us parents have a natural flair for this.

Dave Barry is a man of great wisdom and I’ll never forget reading Dave’s column where he described driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile over to his son’s school and getting on the PA system, “Rob Barry, please report to the Wienermobile.” The original column is here.  

So, it was with a tug of nostalgia that I saw Dave post photos of Rob and, now, Sophie with their dad and two generations of Wienermobiles. (click to enlarge photos)

And, Dave, I think you should arrive at your book signings in the Wienermobile. It never hurts to class things up a bit.

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