This Morning’s Trains

I love trains. When I need to get completely away, I park in an appropriate, safe area near the BNSF Transcon mainline in Butler Co., Kansas, turn off my cell phone, and work.  Had my camera with me this morning and got some good shots (click each to enlarge, especially #2):

The BNSF 4103 East is approaching as seen through the fog. It was hauling shipping containers (“stacks”) and truck trailers. You might be surprised to learn that UPS is a huge customer of the BNSF and these trains are “Z” trains, the highest priority.

On the rear of the BNSF Z train was the was the passenger car “Columbia River.” It is rare to see a passenger car at the end of a freight train. A BNSF “Z” train is approaching me westbound:

The Z train was pulled by the BNSF 626, one of the few BNSF locomotives left in the Santa Fe Warbonnet paint scheme:

A few minutes later, another westbound in BNSF’s latest paint scheme:

There was a lot of traffic this morning that I was really glad to see. Rail freight is finally turning up, which, hopefully, means the economy is improving!

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