"Book Extras" Site Is Up

Because “moving pictures” are so important to the story told in Warnings (but impossible to convey in book form), I hit upon the idea of creating a special website for book purchasers with this material.  Think of it as the equivalent of “DVD Extras.”

The great folks at High Frontier Productions (thanks, DJ!) and I were caught off guard by the month-early release of the book. They have worked mightily the last 48 hours to get it up and running and they have done it.  Thanks, Guys!

The site includes Miracle at Greensburg (presented in Greensburg) as well as rare video of a microburst, video of a tornado striking a train, the simulation of the crash of Delta 191, etc.

The book contains the information you need to view this material.

Hope you enjoy the opportunity to see these unique videos!

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