The Severe Weather Risk

You’ll remember that I have been concerned about a threat of severe weather around the Easter weekend. My concern is increasing rather than decreasing. Lets break it down by day.

Easter Sunday
No problem for sunrise services and on through early afternoon.

However, from around 4pm until sunrise Monday, there is a chance of severe thunderstorms over Kansas and western Missouri. The Storm Prediction Center agrees with me on this one.

They are forecasting a “slight” risk of severe thunderstorms (tornadoes, large hail, damaging straight-line winds) in about the same area I would delineate. Non-severe thunderstorms are forecast in the area enclosed by the brown line.

Monday (after sunrise)
A potential major severe weather situation. Kansas may see its first tornadoes of the year with a severe thunderstorm threat in Nebraska, Kansas, northwest Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma.

The severe weather potential remains relatively high along and east of U.S. 81 to about the Mississippi River to the north of Interstate 40 and to the south of I-80.  Put another way, from Oklahoma City to Wichita to Grand Island to Des Moines to Chicago to Memphis to Oklahoma City.

Both Monday and Tuesday could be big severe weather days, so please pay attention to the weather is you live in these areas.

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