Environmental Manipulation

As readers of this blog know, I prefer to keep it non-political. However, I must comment on an advertisement I accidentally ran across this morning. It said:

So, I clicked on the ad. It brings up this web site.
I object to the photo at the top of the site. The photo is used to manipulate readers into thinking oil rigs would be blocking the view when there will never be wells up next to the mountains.  How do I know there won’t be drilling there? There isn’t any oil in that location! 

I have a unique perspective because I have actually been to the North Slope of Alaska where the oil is located. It looks like this.
It is tundra. Flat, no people, no trees, no mountains, no grass (just a mossy substance), and tundra puddles that have oil slicks on top of some of them. Out of 21,000,000 acres in the ANWR (larger than the entire State of Indiana)

we are talking about drilling in an area the size of the city limits of Indianapolis. To me, it is the perfect place to drill for oil. Drilling would be confined to a small area and cause little or no environmental damage since there is oil naturally on the surface! 

When I was visiting the North Slope, a scientific poll was released indicating that more than 70% of Alaskans support drilling in the area. The people who oppose it are usually professional environmentalists in the Lower 48. So, I did a little looking around the Alaska Wilderness site and, sure enough…
To me, it is arrogant for people in the Lower 48 to tell Alaskans what they can do with their land and resources.
Doesn’t look much like the Alaskan Wilderness to me

Yes, emotions are running high because of the terrible oil spill in the Gulf. That deep water drilling is occurring, in part, because the environmental lobby has forced U.S. drilling into more and more inaccessible places.  
Fact: We need the oil. So, we should get it from the places that will cause the least environmental damage in the safest way possible. That includes drilling in the coastal plain of the North Slope of Alaska.

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