No Increase in Storms

Two recent articles have been brought to my attention that demonstrate, at least to date, there no increase in major storms due to ‘global warming.’

The first (hat tip: Roger Pielke, Jr.) has insurance executives — because there is so much money sloshing around because of a lack of major catastrophes — actually hoping for some big storms:

He said brokers often tell him that a catastrophe is needed to end the soft market.

In other words, they can’t raise their prices because their competitors have enough money (because they have not been paying large storm claims) to keep rates low. So, no one can raise their prices.

The second article discusses a new movie about ‘climate change.’ The article begins with this paragraph:

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – As the number of severe weather-related disasters increases in frequency worldwide, the urgency of documentaries about climate change is rising as well.

It states — as fact — the “number of severe weather-related disasters” is increasing. Of course, there is no scientific basis for that statement plus the above article from the insurance industry trade publication contradicts that claim.

The article goes on to say,

filmmaker Michael Nash travels around the world for 18 months “in search of the truth about our changing climate and the future of mankind”

OK, for a year and a half, he’s traveling around the world actively looking for the “truth” about climate change. Does he find any of these “disasters”? Apparently not,

The footage he gathers, however, is often surprisingly mundane, since the crew never seems to experience any catastrophic climate events. 

Does it ever occur to anyone that the reason “the crew never seems to experience any catastrophic climate change events” is because there aren’t any?

Note: I am not claiming that man does not affect the climate. Of course we do (as I have written many times)! But, the alleged ‘global warming catastrophe’ does not exist. Apparently Mr. Nash never realized the emperor has no clothes.

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