We Miss You, Lou

As I was working on the posting about disaster mitigation which included comments on the dysfunction in Washington and the mess on Wall Street (i.e., SEC, financial meltdown, Madoff, etc.) it occurred to me that little has gone right in either place since the passing of Louis Rukeyser in May of 2006.

I was a huge fan of Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser and counted on his weekly tutorials and his pun-filled good humor to help navigate the world of investing. He was and is the only person in the field of economics dubbed “sexy” by People magazine, largely for his dapper appearance (and George Washington haircut) and his ability to make complex financial information simple to learn and understand. One of a kind, he is greatly missed.

UPDATE:  Some of our readers are too young to remember the program. Here is an example of W$W right after the crash of 1987 (the edition the week before had Marty Zweig explicitly predicting a “crash” which occurred three days later). And, how right Lou was in counseling that the bull market wasn’t over. The Dow was 1,700 at the time this program was recorded. Friday, it closed at 10,097.

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