Silly Science

Part of the reason I wrote Warnings was to take the fascinating stories of the meteorologists of the last 50 years and use them as the basis for inspiration for the next generation of scientists. Scientists like Ted Fujita practiced science at its best: Open to new ideas, testing concepts to see if they worked, and they produced real results that benefit society by saving lives and saving hundreds of millions of dollars.

Today, we have a couple of examples of silly science.

I’ve always wanted an excuse to post a photo of Alana De La Garza on the blog

Researchers at the University of Texas have learned that men prefer curvy women. Really?! Who would have ever guessed?

The second study, from England, shows that men do not notice women’s shoes.

My friends in the social sciences will tell me that this research is important and the funding — from the taxpayers — is justified. I disagree. The social sciences have a lot to contribute, including to meteorology by helping understand how to better communicate storm warnings, for example.

But studies like these, that state the obvious, have no business being funded by taxpayers.

UPDATE: 9/30  Here is another.

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