The Two Most Interesting Storms of the Week…

…Were the storms in New York City yesterday and in Wichita Wednesday.

With regard to the former, the question has been, “Was New York hit by a tornado?” The question will be definitely answered by the NWS today, but I believe the answer is yes. From a quick look at the radar data, there was a small but strong low pressure system embedded in a line of thunderstorms. These sometimes produce tornadoes. Assuming the NWS confirms this, I’ll have more later today.

With regard to the Wichita storm, it was unique in the way it transitioned from one producing near-record giant-sized hail to one producing small tornadoes and straight winds with gusts up to 90 mph.  I’ll be writing more about that one today, as well. Still waiting for some data and images to come in.

So, stay tuned!

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