Yes, I Wrote "Warnings"

Thanks, Kim, for posting (below) about our trip to the University of Oklahoma.

While at the book signing, a friend I had not seen in a couple of years asked me if I really wrote Warnings or whether I had a ghostwriter. He said, “It is so well written?!” The question did not offend.  I never thought I would write a book and I didn’t have any idea how it would come out when I started.

Answer?  Yes, I wrote the book. It was a 4+ year process. I had two great editors, Jeannette Cezanne who assisted me with whittling down the 500+ page first draft and Greenleaf’s Theresa Reding who helped me put the manuscript into final form.  Since he liked the book so much, I’m flattered that he asked.

A story about the editing process. I wanted Jeannette to really get a feel for what the subject was all about, so she could help me figure out what to cut and what to keep. She flew to Wichita in June, 2008, to see WeatherData, to go storm chasing, and to meet me face to face. The photo below shows Jeannette posing in front of a rotating wall cloud.

And, a few minutes later, the clouds parted enough to get some sunlight while Katie Bay (chasing with us) got this photo of a tornado (note the debris cloud near the ground).

Jeannette, who had never been to Kansas before, thought seeing a tornado (the good kind — it did no damage as it was in open country) during a chase was routine.  If only.

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