Paperclips Too Dangerous for Children’s Science Kit

Back in January, I wrote about the importance of getting children interested in science and I talked about the Alpha 1 Ballistic Missile that was given to me by my parents. My friends and I would spend hours shooting it off in the front yard. Did I learn things?  Yes! For example, I learned that baking soda and vinegar could be used as rocket ‘fuel’ (as an alternative to the manufacturer’s fuel) and what was the best proportion of each. I also learned a number of combinations didn’t work as fuel. Learning, in this case, was actually FUN. (what a novel idea)

So, it is dismay that I read that today’s children’s science kits may take a hit because of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  To quote the article

Caught up in the debate are the classroom science kits and some of the items they contain, such as paper clips to show kids how magnets work.

I think it goes without saying that the Alpha 1 would never be approved today even though we had hours and hours of fun with it and no one ever got hurt.  Somethings I think there are too many people who want to take all of the fun out of being a kid.

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