As a Public Service, I Present…

…Dave Barry’s 2010 Christmas Gift Guide.  
To get us in the spirit of the season, Dave explains “The Christmas Story” this way,
Scrooge rushes to the Cratchit home the next morning to atone for his meanness by giving the Cratchits a turkey, and everybody rejoices except Tiny Tim, who was hoping for an Xbox 360, so his Christmas is ruined.

The item-by-item listing of gifts is at the bottom of the Gift Guide link. 
For those in the tornado belt, I recommend that you consider the Hand Cranked Siren in case a tornado makes an appearance and knocks out the power. It, and a drum set, are the perfect gifts for your boy 3-20 years old!
As a trained meteorological professional, I don’t need the siren. Personally, I’m hoping for the “Flair Hair Visor.” Kathleen, are you getting this down?
That’s Dave himself modeling the gift for us “hair challenged” men.
Photo by: Bob Eighmie for the “Miami Herald”

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