9pm Winter Storm Update

Here is the AccuWeather radar as of 8:40pm:

Newton is the northern oval and Arkansas City the southern oval. 

Newton, KS (on I-135 one county north of Wichita) has 17 inches of snow and it is still snowing. Meanwhile, Arkansas City has 1″. That is a variation of 16 inches in 60 miles — and the type of extreme variation that drives meteorologists crazy trying to forecast.  There are reports from central Kansas, between Wichita and Hays, of drifts 4 ft. deep. Travel extremely hazardous.

Here is the additional snow predicted to fall from 7pm this evening to noon tomorrow.

These are the National Weather Service’s warnings as of 8:55pm. 

Pink = winter storm warning. Blue = winter weather advisory. Hunter green = winter storm watch.

The region is suffering extreme cold. Wichita’s temperature is 3°F with an AccuWeather Real Feel temperature of -21°. Travel is discouraged in these areas!

One thought on “9pm Winter Storm Update

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