Al Gore — Personally — Says Recent Snow Storms Are Caused by ‘Global Warming’

Screen capture from Al Gore’s web site. Click to enlarge.

Al Gore now tells us that these winter storms are caused by ‘global warming.’ 

Two words: Not true.

While the proof that assertion is incorrect can be ascertained by scrolling down, I’ll summarize it here.

Graph of lower atmospheric temperatures. Red is 2011 values and
orange is the long term average 1979-2010.
Note it is more than one degree colder than at
the same time last year.

World temperatures over virtually the entire month of January were below average! The graph is above. If you wish to look at the data for yourself, it is here.

World temperatures have been cooling the last six months. Sea surface temperatures are also cooler than average and ocean heat content (the most important metric of the earth’s ‘temperature’) is trending down.

Air molecules and molecules of water vapor do not have “memories” of past warmer temperatures, they react to current atmospheric conditions.

So, it is impossible that these recent storms were caused by “global warming.”

There has been a media blitz the past two weeks from both non-scientists and scientists with no background in atmospheric science to try to connect these storms to global warming. I have more about those recent interviews here.

3 thoughts on “Al Gore — Personally — Says Recent Snow Storms Are Caused by ‘Global Warming’

  1. Let me correct that last post:

    Actually, to be fair, there are many more people who say that these storms are evidence that there is no such thing as global warming. That's equally wrong.

  2. MXH, thanks for the compliment on the blog.

    Your point is well taken: These storms say NOTHING about global warming either way.

    I talk about global warming on the blog fairly frequently, feel free to look around.