Forecast A Little More Ominous

AccuWeather is forecasting an outbreak of severe thunderstorms from Oklahoma and Texas east to the Appalachians tomorrow and tomorrow night.

The NWS Storm Prediction Center has come to a similar conclusion and is forecasting tornadoes that could be “strong” and thunderstorms with “particularly damaging winds” in

the hatched area. And, here is the most dangerous part, the strong tornadoes and damaging winds are expected to be most frequent from 6pm to midnight Thursday evening — after dark.

Below is the National Weather Service’s rainfall forecast which is for considerably more rain than their forecast yesterday evening. It appears that the probabilities of very heavy rain in the Ohio Valley are increasing (see posting below).

Between now and 6am Monday, 5.9 inches of rain is forecast in the lower Ohio River Valley. Even more rain is forecast after Monday.

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