Forecast for the Rest of the Storm

Here are the current warnings:

Red = tornado (Louisiana), orange = blizzard, pink = winter storm. This will be a historic blizzard from at least Missouri to Illinois. States of emergency have been issued in Oklahoma, Missouri, and the eastern half of Kansas.

This forecast begins at 12 noon Central today.  Heaviest snow in the darker colors. Chicago will be severely affected with more than 20″ of snow.

Here is the probability of 12″ or more of snow the next 24 hours. Red = 90%!

Farther south, the ice storm will continue. Interstate 74 is closed in both directions in Indiana due to a major traffic accident involving a state trooper.

These are the probabilities of 0.25″or more of glaze ice through 6am Wednesday.

Ice storm probabilities 6am Wednesday to 6am Thursday, including the lower Hudson Valley with more than 70% probabilities into NW New Jersey and adjacent areas of Pennsylvania.

The winds will cause severe drifting of the snow and will serve to bring down power lines in the ice storm areas:

and the wind chills will threaten the life of anyone stuck outdoors in the storm.

Currently, at my home in northeast Wichita, the temperature is 3°F with an AccuWeather Real Feel® temperature of -32°F!

There is a tornado and severe thunderstorm threat:

What a storm!

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