Last Night’s "Top Ten List"

Last night’s “Top Ten List” on CBS’s David Letterman Show was the top ten things that went through Joy Philbin’s mind when Regis announced his surprise retirement.

10. ”He better be kidding.”

9. ”I don’t remember giving him permission to quit.”

8. ”If he thinks he’s going to be home all day, I’d better stock up on Advil and Kahlua.”

7. ”Does this mean I have to play Travel Trivia with him every morning?”

6. ”I heard they caught him stealing makeup.”

5. ”So much for my one hour a day of peace and quiet.”

4. ”Kelly gets paid to chat with him every morning. Not me.”

3. ”If I put him in a wig and a dress, maybe they’ll hire him on The View.”

2. ”God, why are you punishing me?”

1. “Couldn’t he just keep phoning it in, like David Letterman?”

I think Kathleen would have a similar reaction if I retired!

Hat Tip: Worldwide Pants

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