Oh, Joy. More Snow.

Pink = winter storm warning; purple = winter weather advisory.

These are current weather advisories for a moderate-sized winter storm moving northeast.

Next week, roughly Monday night through Wednesday night, another winter storm is expected to visit some of the areas that were hard-hit earlier this week. It is too soon to get specific, but here is a rough idea of the amount of precipitation (rain or the water in ice/snow) expected:

Lightest green is less than 0.10″, light blue is 0.75 to 1.00″
of precipitation. 

Normally, I wouldn’t even be posting about this storm (it is too early), but there are still areas that have not recovered from this week’s blizzard. Tulsa had the worst winter storm in its history and this story is currently the lead on the Tulsa World web site.

We have reports that roads are still a mess from parts of Missouri to much of Oklahoma.

So, it is worthwhile to report that more snow and ice are likely on the way.

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