Ronald Wilson Reagan

I met him once. Congenial, friendly, and very well informed. I’d show you the photo but my brother’s finger was over right side of the lens. You see me shaking hands with someone and that person’s nose. It was Reagan’s. It has been a family joke for nearly 35 years.

In my office at WeatherData, I have three photos that I see just before I walk out into the rest of the complex. Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, and Ronald Reagan. The photos are there to remind me of their leadership.

His daughter says, “He tried to reach higher, to understand what God wanted of him.” Peggy Noonan says, “He was a good man who became a great President.”

All I can say is, thank you…and, rest well, Mr. President.

Peggy Noonan, who worked for Reagan, has written a salute that can be read here.

His daughter, Patti Davis, has a personal tribute here.

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