World Wildlife Fund Distorts the Science

WWF commercial photographed on my television today.

I was watching television this afternoon and this commercial by the World Wildlife Fund claims that “the polar bear’s world is melting. Climate change is causing their hunting grounds to disappear right under their feet.” “We need your help…”

Not true.

The Arctic ice can only melt in the summer. The rest of the year, temperatures are far below freezing. Summer temperatures each of the last three years have been average or below. Here is the proof:
Summer 2010
Blue line is 32°F. Green line is long term average temperature. Red line is the ACTUAL temperatures. Actual temperatures were below normal most all of the summer. From the Danish Meteorological Institute.

Summer 2009

Same as above. Temperatures were below normal most all of the summer.

Summer 2008

Same as above. Temperatures were about average in 2008.

So, there is no “global warming” in the Arctic the last three melt seasons. And, as indicated in the posting below, current worldwide temperatures are slightly below average.

The ‘science’ stated in the World Wildlife Fund’s commercial is simply wrong. There is no indication that “climate change” is melting the ice. Note: I’m not offering a prediction of the future, no one knows whether future planetary temperatures will go up or down.

But, what about all the melting ice we keep hearing about? That might be a real problem.  Here is a graph of Arctic ice extent since 2003 compared to normal (dotted line).

In the Arctic, the ice clearly has been running below the short term normal. How serious is this? We don’t really know. The record goes back to 1979 because that’s when good quality satellite data began. There are indications that ice extent was less than it is now in the late 1950′s and early 1960′s as well as in other times in the past, but there is no way to do an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

So, why is the ice extent low now if it is not “global warming”? There are multiple peer-reviewed papers that blame from Asia soot (black carbon). I’ve written about it here, here, here, and elsewhere.

But, it is not just my analysis. Here is a report from NASA all the way back in 2005. It says,
“This research offers additional evidence that black carbon may have a significant warming impact on the Arctic,” Koch said. Warmer temperatures in the Arctic mean melting ice and snow, among other things. These temperature and ice changes also wind up affecting climate patterns around the world. 

Just December 22nd, the Obama Administration said polar bears are not endangered.

The World Wildlife Fund hopes to tug on your heartstrings by showing cuddly polar bear cubs and they certainly are cute. But, polar bears are not endangered and, at least at present, are not threatened by ‘global warming.’

My opinion: The World Wildlife Fund should pull that commercial.

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  1. catch this….. they love victims and like to create victims…. the left has become the victimizers of the world…. ooohhhh poor me