Some Recent Blurbs About "Warnings"

For our many new readers, Warnings is my first book and I am quite proud of the way it came out. Written like a mystery novel (i.e., it is most definitely not a heavy “science book”), the book is the story of the biggest storms of our lifetimes and how we have learned to save lives through more accurate storm warnings. There have been several new reviews the last 30 days and I’d like to share some excerpts with you:

“Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather” gives you a fresh perspective on the field of meteorology and the history of severe weather warnings. Smith has passion and a child-like fascination with weather which emanates from the pages. I absolutely loved how his obvious devotion to the subject came out in each and every sentence. Very enjoyable and educational read! 

This book is an excellent history of the turbulent path to improve the warning systems in the United States… It is entertaining and thought provoking… I gave this book five stars and recommend it to all readers with an interest in weather forecasting, meteorology and earth science.

I could not put this book down–amazing and terrifying story about the weather warnings system development…I will never complain about a TV weather warning interruption again.

And, you can hear Gene Countryman talk about the book on his radio show here.

Hope you’ll pick up a copy. I believe you will enjoy it.

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