They’ve Gone Mad

The full article is here. The British Met Office is one of the world’s strongest advocates of global warming gloom and doom. But, I think they’ve finally gone over the edge. Here are some excerpts:

The research, led by scientists at the Met Office and the Royal Meteorological Society, will look at various aspects of how humans are affecting the climate, and how people may adapt to rising temperatures…
Researchers are also urging schoolchildren to blow bubbles to measure wind speed and direction near the ground, to reveal how the built environment affects the wind, as well as watching cloud movement to record wind direction in the sky.
also involves the public recording how hot or cold they feel as part of efforts to see how people might cope with temperature changes.
Thousands of schools are set to take part in the public science project, along with members of the public.
I suspect the real reason for this is so that teachers can spread the Met Office’s apocalyptic warnings right before they go out doors and “blow bubbles.”

Hat tip: WattsUpWithThat

2 thoughts on “They’ve Gone Mad

  1. That may be, but is there evidence the story is incorrectly reported? If so, let me know and I'll run it. I don't want inaccurate info on the blog.