2 thoughts on “You KNEW This Was Coming

  1. It is ridiculous to blame this on global warning. That is nonsense. However, I notice that you are always quick to scoff at wind power when it is cold and there is no wind to drive the turbines yet you are strangely silent when Japan has now 6 nuclear reactors that are in a state of emergency and at risk of melting down. Whether it is from natural disaster like this event or terrorism in the future, nuclear power is something we have yet to make completely safe. When things go wrong with nuclear power they go VERY wrong.

  2. Hi Dan,

    I'm not "strangely silent," I was attending an all-day conference yesterday, had a business dinner in Dallas, and got back to Wichita at 1:30am.

    Yes, I scoff at wind power. The problems in Japan do not make current wind power any more desirable.

    I do NOT support building more of the previous generation nuclear plants. I do support the new generation of nuclear power. I'm working on a posting on that subject that I hope to have up tomorrow.