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Yesterday, my assistant sent out the following press release to journalists across North Carolina. It is my goal to help educate the public in how the weather warnings system will save many lives and protect property. The media is a very important part of this warning system. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be in North Carolina this week to present on extreme weather. I always will be available to any of the media to share information on the up to date extreme weather warnings systems. I truly believe that by sharing information and creating partnerships with the media sources that many lives will be saved during extreme weather incidents.


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Tornadoes are NOT unpredictable! Extreme Weather Expert, Mike Smith presents on Tornado warnings in North Carolina

Charlotte, NC April 18, 2011 – In the wake of the killer tornadoes that hit the Carolinas this week, Mike Smith, award-winning meteorologist will be presenting cutting-edge information on accurate tornado forecasting. Mr. Smith’s presentation focuses on saving lives and will dispel last week’s national news story that tornadoes are too unpredictable to accurately forecast.

“We are getting to the point in America that the issue is not so much whether there will be an advance warning but making sure that everyone who needs to receive the warning gets it.” states Mike Smith concerning why the North Carolina Tornadoes resulted in fatalities. Mr. Smith is currently developing a national safety agenda to ensure that all cities and especially rural areas have access to up-to-date weather warning systems.

On April 21, 2011, Mr. Smith will be presenting information to the Risk and Insurance Management Society in Charlotte. Mr. Smith will be covering both tornado and hurricane warnings and how to save property and lives in the event of extreme weather. Mr. Smith is the recipient of the highest awards in meteorology, holds 15 patents and has authored the book “Warnings” the true story of how meteorology has saved lives.

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North Carolina journalists, please let me know how I can help you to help your readers.

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