Report on "Tornado Day" at the Kansas Cosmosphere

This past Monday, the Kansas Cosmosphere hosted the Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) from Discovery’s Storm Chasers television show. The TIV visited because the Cosmosphere is showing the new movie “Tornado Alley” in its IMAX theatre. I gave the movie a very favorable review here. A number of people got to take rides in the TIV.

At 4pm, nearly 100 people came in to watch me present Miracle at Greensburg– the story of how weather science saved more than 200 lives that horrible Friday evening.

Comsosphere CEO Chris Orwoll was kind enough to introduce me and to tell everyone how much he was enjoying reading my book, Warnings. 

I then made my presentation, took questions and answers for nearly a half hour, and then signed copies of my book. While we sold a large number of books, there are a few left in the Cosmosphere’s book store and those copies are signed.

I had a wonderful time with a great audience. I also want to thank my friend Katherine Bay who simply came up to watch the presentation and got pressed into service taking the pictures.  Thanks again, Katie!
She is a great photographer and her web site is here.

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