Severe Storm Update, 8:45pm

Here is a look at the storms overall…

The northern end of the line of storms has weakened a little the last 30 minutes.  Very strong storms continue farther south.

The strong storm northeast of KC in Ray Co. produced large hail in the northern parts of the KC metro area. The storm now near Lawrence will affect most of the the KC area that didn’t experience the first storm. Update: 9:08pm. Golfball size hail in Stanley, Kansas, moving into south KC Metro.

Farther south, a line of strong storms extends from near Wichita into the Flint Hills.

As expected, the biggest problem has been large hail.

Green = large hail. Blue = strong winds (50 mph or higher). Black diamond = hail ≥2″ and black = winds 75 mph or more.  So far, no tornadoes reported. Tornadoes are still possible in the tornado watch area (see below) until midnight. Red is the tornado watch, blue are severe thunderstorm watches.

To give you an idea of how widespread the large hail has been, here is a plot of hail reports this evening. The “three ball” symbol = large hail. To help orient you, I have placed an arrow pointing to downtown KC.

This is my last posting on these storms.  More severe weather likely tomorrow and I’ll update everyone in the morning.

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