Storm Summary

A supercell thunderstorm developed southwest of Columbia, MO during the late afternoon. It moved east along the Missouri River into the northwest and northern sections of the St. Louis Metro area. There is considerable damage. We do not know the intensity of the damage but there is considerable damage at Lambert International Airport. All lanes closed on I-270 in north St. Louis County due to transmission lines down near Dorsett Rd.

Red areas = tornado warnings at 8:54pm. Maroon = flash flood warnings. Amber = severe thunderstorm warnings. Yellow = tornado watch. A tornado is just east of Waterloo, IL (Monroe Co.) with a tornado warning in effect.

Here is a map of the path of the supercell and where the tornadoes were most likely to have occurred. It was not a continuous path.

Here is a view of the tornadic supercell at 5:59pm this evening:

Tornadoes were intermittently produced along the red arrow from central Missouri
into Illinois. 

Power outages at 9:15pm along the path of the northern tornado:


As long-time readers know, my goal is to raise awareness of major weather situations. I believe that goal has been accomplished so this is the end of the live blogging for the night.

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