Today’s Tornado and Severe Weather Threat

Thunderstorms are already in progress in the Midwest as AccuWeather regional radar shows at 8:50am:

(and, yes, that is snow in the shades of blue!).

The NWS Storm Prediction Center is forecasting tornadoes in the Midwest this afternoon and tonight. The solid lines represent relative probabilities of tornadoes. Note the violent tornadoes are not expected (there is no hatched area on this forecast).

College of DuPage graphic of SPC forecast; click to enlarge

However, very strong (≥75mph) thunderstorm winds are possible in some of these same areas. The solid lines represent the relative probabilities of 58 mph or stronger winds. The hatching is where very strong winds are possible.

So, if you live in these areas, pay attention to the weather today, especially if thunderstorms approach.

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