In Global Warming News…

…temperatures continue more or less steady:

Here is a graph of world temperatures since 2003:

I chose 2003 to match the period covered by the ocean heat content
graph below. 

The more important metric is ocean heat content, which because of new ocean instrumentation since 2003, can be measured more accurately than ever, is creeping up.

Courtesy Bob Tisdale via WattsUpWithThat blog

The ocean heat content (brown line) slows a very slight upward trend but far, far less than was projected by the global warming proponents (red line).

So, when asked about this, I describe the temperature trend as “flat.” I tell people that there is no skill at forecasting future temperatures but that I would give an educated guess that the trend is going to be down. Here is the reason why.

Historically, humanity has done much better with a warmer planet than a colder planet. Here’s hoping things stay flat.

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