The "1927 Scenario"

UPDATE: From The Wall Street Journal. 


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch tells the story from Cairo, IL:

But record-high levels were testing the levee system like never before, creating a scenario the floodway was planned for, Walsh stated. “The Project Flood is upon us. This is the flood engineers envisioned following the 1927 flood.”
Cairo sits along the Ohio River before it converges with the Mississippi. The residents were ordered to evacuate by Sunday morning as the river topped a 1937 record of 59.5 feet. The level is rising and is expected to crest at 60.5 feet by Tuesday.

There are those who thought the 1937 level could never be broken yet it is in the process of being broken after the wettest April ever in the region. 
Here is the hydrograph indicating an even higher forecast stage than in the P-D’s story:
Downstream on the Mississippi at both New Madrid and Caruthersville, the river is expected to shatter long-term record crests.

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