The Long-Delayed Storm Chase Post

Things didn’t work out quite the way I had hoped on several levels…

The Weather

The storms I was predicting didn’t materialize as I predicted. There was one storm in our target area that looked promising. We (blue symbol) thought we would be able to intercept it north of Dodge City.

We got to the target area but the storm fell apart rather than intensifying.

The other storms started falling apart.

So, we decided to make the best of it.

The Attractions

McD’s is really pushing their new frozen strawberry lemonades.

And, we stopped to look at one of Kansas’ quirky roadside attractions.

Had dinner in Greensburg and toured the amazing town before heading back to Wichita. Even though I was tired when I got home at midnight, I wanted to get this posted since it was delayed. Well, wouldn’t you know…  Google’s Blogger system was down.

So, sorry for the delay. We’ll try it again this spring and, hopefully, I’ll do a better job of forecasting.

One thought on “The Long-Delayed Storm Chase Post

  1. One thing for sure, Mike, wait long enough and Kansas will whip up a new storm! ( I use to live in Peculiar Missouri so I know by experience!) Nebraska may even send one down!