The TSA, And Others, Comment on Children Manning the TSA Checkpoint

Many have seen, and commented on, my posting — accompanied by photos taken by me personally — about the children manning the TSA checkpoint at State College, PA on April 28th.

At least one person thinks the photos were fakes or untrue. Go here and scroll down to “Darkumbra’s” posting.

The photos are in no way fakes, I took them myself. I was instructed by the woman in the TSA uniform in the photo to hand my driver’s license to the young man at the podium at the checkpoint. You can see (at far right), the woman in front of me whose DL is being examined.

Note the young man at the conveyor belt in background.
In foreground, is another non-TSA person looking at DL’s.
There were children all over the checkpoint both
in front of and behind the metal detector.

The TSA itself thinks this was just fine. Link to their comments on their website here, scroll down. The following is a quote from the TSA spokesperson:

In the same posting, ‘Blogger Bob’ states:

Osama bin Laden Dead, Threat Still Very Much Alive

There’s no doubt about it, the world is a better place without Osama bin Laden, and his death is a major success for the United States as well as the rest of the world. While his death is a huge blow to Al-Qaeda’s terrorism network, the threat of terrorism is still very much alive. [emphasis mine]

So, let us set aside the privacy issues and whether it is legal or appropriate to for the TSA to compel one to hand private information to a child. Here is my question to the TSA:

If the threat is so great … so great it justifies groping six-year old girlswhy is the TSA putting these children in harm’s way??!!

THE TSA CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS: That the threat is so great we have to be groped, viewed nude, take our shoes off, not take liquids on board, harass bus passengers, search people coming OFF trains, etc., etc. and it is OK to have children manning checkpoints.  

I’m going to ask the question again: Have you written your Congresspeople to get the TSA reigned in?  I have.

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4 thoughts on “The TSA, And Others, Comment on Children Manning the TSA Checkpoint

  1. I have written to my Congresspeople, and I call their offices periodically. We need a revolution to make this nightmare stop. John Pistole will not get away with this depraved pursuit of pornography and sexual abuse forever. I hope he sees jail time.

  2. You seriously have issues if you believe that an 8? year old is going to take your so called personal information and run with it. Do you think he will remember your address and stalk you? Remember your name and purchase video games with it?
    How many times have you handed your ID to your local Wal~Mart employee? I'd trust a child over them any day!
    As far as children being in harms way; when they walk out there doors every morning, ride the bus to school, ride thier bike in the park, they are in harm's way. It's up to God to make the all encompassing decision. Not Congress, John Pistole, not you, and not even thier parents.
    Take Your Child to Work Day is meant for parents to spend quality time with thier children and for the children to learn about thier parents job. I doubt in anyway did the child make any decisions on the ID verification.
    Plain and simple…. GROW UP!

  3. Anonymous@7:46: Have you considered getting help for your anger?

    The fact is, there are jobs where taking the kids to work is either unsafe or unwise. Allowing children anywhere near the sterile area of an airport is one of them. This incident just shows what an absolute joke the TSA has become. But you wouldn't understand that, Anon.

  4. So anonymous 7:46am, which is it?

    a) There is no significant terrorism threat at airports so it is safe to put these children (in likely violation of federal privacy laws) at the checkpoint, or,

    b) There is a significant threat and TSA is putting them in harm's way by having them at the checkpoint.

    There is no "c." I'd be interested in learning which of "a" or "b" you believe is the correct statement.