Close Encounter Between Sarah Palin and Massachusetts Tornado

President Obama had a close encounter with a tornado on Memorial Day 2010. Apparently, tornadoes are bi-partisan. From Politico:

BOSTON — As Sarah Palin’s bus tour worked its way to here Wednesday evening, it hit a stretch of Interstate 90 ravaged by a tornado. According to Twitter feeds from reporters for NBC News and The Times of London, Palin’s bus passed through a debris-laden section of the Massachusetts turnpike less than an hour after the tornado touched down — and possibly minutes before.
“So, just to be clear. A tornado ripped across the road in front of the #palinbustour – we don’t know how many minutes difference yet,” tweeted Nico Hines, a Washington correspondent with the Times.

Hines reported that the bus tour was just outside Worcester, Mass., when a funnel cloud was spotted.

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