Damaging Winds Likely in Eastern Nebraska


TEKAMAH Airport reported 69 mph winds
Norfolk Airport reported 80 mph. 
Storms moving into Omaha Metro.


Very strong winds, possibly more than 70 mph, are possible with the leading edge of these thunderstorms as they move ESE through eastern Nebraska. Also, very strong winds are possible on the back edge where I’ve placed the arrow.

3 thoughts on “Damaging Winds Likely in Eastern Nebraska

  1. Yeah got a little harry there for a while, but NW Lincoln only ended up with some good rain up to marble sized hail and a quick breeze. System blew through pretty quick.

  2. We wound up with heavy rain and a VERY impressive lightning display here in Omaha, but fortunately the winds weren't too bad. We got lucky (well, except for the rain, which we really could have done without).