Path of Primary Massachusetts Tornado

UPDATE 2: More detailed information is here.

UPDATE: 8:30pm. Associated Press is reporting four fatalities.

There may have been as many as three separate tornadic thunderstorms in Massachusetts this afternoon and evening. However, the primary rotation path is the area indicated from west Springfield to the tip of the arrow. Based on radar signatures (debris ball) there is damage in multiple locations along this path.

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9 thoughts on “Path of Primary Massachusetts Tornado

  1. Ya that's about the weakest "news" report I've seen. I could have done better using common knowledge. The map is so vague, and it doesn't even show the complete path, it cuts it off. Wow.

  2. Thanks for providing the map. My elderly parents live in the Fitchburg/Leominster area and I wondered how close the storms came to them.

  3. Not sure what the difficulty is here. If you watched CNN yesterday or read the "Boston Globe" yesterday evening, they were treating the Springfield tornado as an ISOLATED event. Instead, it was the start of a long-track tornado.

    It is not headlined "news" it is headlined as a path map which is exactly what it is.

    And, yes, on the scale shown, the tornado followed a straight line.

  4. Wow, some folks can be so nasty!

    Thank you for this map. It has been hard to find anything showing the path of the tornado on the popular news sites.

  5. Thanks, Caroline. That is one problem with the internet, anonymity allows people to behave poorly.

    Plus, they were posting hours after I posted the map. Of course, there would have been later information by that time.