Tornado Threat Today

The hatched area could see strong tornadoes later today. If you live in these areas please pay attention to the weather!

5 thoughts on “Tornado Threat Today

  1. Great. Omaha again in the cross hairs. At least it is a relatively small chance.

  2. Actually, 15% is a fairly large chance.

    The 15% refers to a tornado within 25 miles of any spot in the 15% area. Since tornadoes are infrequent, 15% is a fairly high number.

    The black hatching is areas that could experience an F-2 or greater intensity tornado.

  3. Even without tornadoes, doesn't that also mean more rain, and high straight-line winds that could push the Missouri over the top of levees?

  4. If I remember correctly, Joplin was in a 10% hatched area on May 22 so those probabilities are nothing to sneeze at.