"Coast to Coast AM" in 45 minutes

I’ll be on during the first hour which starts at midnight central time. You can check local listings here.

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5 thoughts on “"Coast to Coast AM" in 45 minutes

  1. Hi Mike!! Great job on Coast2Coast. Please tel me the name of the device we can use to charge things from our car? I missed it when you said it. Thank all the Best.


  2. Hi Mike! Nice job last night on the show!

    One important thing to mention about power inverters is that they come in different wattage ratings, with a lower wattage rating generally costing less. A $25 inverter will easily run a radio or small appliance, but in order to run a higher wattage appliance (such as a refrigerator) you'd need to be sure to get one rated higher, which will probably cost a little more. Using an under-rated inverter with an appliance which draws too much power can easily blow a fuse (in the best case) and can be a fire hazard at its worst. Also be aware that the higher the power draw, the shorter the life of the battery will be. This is especially the case on an auto battery, which is designed for short bursts of high-drain when turning the starter rather than extended-periods of power draw that an inverter requires.

    I have a 3-outlet 500 watt inverter (about $50) that I have used in power outage situations to help run a small dorm-style refrigerator in my home and (more importantly) provide for the emergency operation of my CPAP breathing machine at night, but I have also invested in a deep-cycle marine battery which is dedicated to the setup and handles the current drain more effectively.

  3. @1:15pm. You are absolutely right. I know this and forgot to mention it, thank you.