Pain in Pennsylvania

While the historic Johnstown Floods are the most notable floods in the history of western Pennsylvania, Hurricane Agnes (1972) produced the historic floods in the eastern half of the state. Unfortunately, this week’s floods are challenging Agnes’ river levels in many areas. In at least one case, the Agnes record has been broken.

Here is the estimated rainfall totals for the last two weeks, starting with Irene’s rains. Note: It is likely these estimates are a bit conservative in a few areas.

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And, the rains are not over. The NWS is forecasting these additional rainfalls over the next three days.

If you would like to see the current and forecast river levels for southern Upstate New York and northeast Pennsylvania, click here.

For rivers in central Pennsylvania, click here. And, northern New Jersey rivers are here.

My friend and colleague Jesse Ferrell, is on the road in eastern Pennsylvania today and will post updates here.

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