Smart Environmentalism

The Wall Street Journal had a special section last week on smart ways to build a greener environment in general with cities a particular focus.

The article I was most impressed with was some specific suggestions here. One of those suggestions pertains to walking and biking.

I got to see a brilliantly executed example of this in Dallas ten days ago with their Katy Trail. They took the abandoned right-of-way from the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (a/k/a “Katy”) paved with with two lanes (one walking, one biking). Here are some photos I took of this surprisingly busy trail.

My son, Richard with Maggie, on the walking part of the Katy Trail.
The bikers are on the biking part of the Trail. 

The trail has pet-friendly disposal stations, 911 markers, etc., everything that would be needed for people to feel safe and healthy. The trail actually goes places: Richard now walks to the American Airlines Arena (on the trail). Businesses are also springing up such as the really cool Katy Trail Ice House.

This is how you make environmentalism work! Make it painless, integrate it into the community, make it safe and convenient and people will respond.

Many cities have abandoned rail rights-of-way. I salute Dallas for the outstanding work they have done with this resource.

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