Tornado Safety from Herb Tarlek

Yesterday’s “WKRP” posting brought a comment about the “Tornado” episode. If you have never seen it, that is another WKRP classic. Just click below. It is far better than last night’s CSI: Miami.

As I watched while preparing this posting, I realized that sleazy salesman Herb Tarlek gives us an important demonstration of a tornado safety rule, namely Get under heavy furniture!

As Herb demonstrates — take action the second you get a tornado warning!

Tornadoes can occur any time of year in the U.S. San Antonio had a small, but damaging, tornado yesterday.

One thought on “Tornado Safety from Herb Tarlek

  1. What, no Bailey Quarters? :(

    The previews of the CSI episode looked pretty weak – people being magically sucked away by a 10 MPH breeze.