Dagger in the Drought?

Update: 11:32pm Sunday. Just got a new look at the U.S. model through the end of the Thanksgiving weekend and the weather pattern looks very active Thanksgiving week. So, as to the possibility of major drought relief by Thanksgiving in the areas indicated below looks (keeping in mind this is 11 days out) good.

Suggestion: If you are going to be traveling in the central or western U.S. from the weekend before Thanksgiving through the weekend after, keep up on the weather for your route and destination.

Original Posting: The European Model’s 10-day Rainfall Forecast via AccuWeather.Com’s Professional Site.

The large area of forecast 5″+ rainfall from south central Texas to the southern Ozarks, if it occurs as forecast, will not end the drought. However, these heavy forecast rains — combined with recent rainfalls — will have significantly eased the drought by Thanksgiving in areas to the southeast of I-44. Here is the actual rainfall for the past 60 days:

click to enlarge, from NWS

One thought on “Dagger in the Drought?

  1. OK Mike

    I am driving ICT to AUS and back during this timeframe. I will keep checking FB for your advice.

    We got more rain at our farm in Leon in the last event (2.5 inches) than we have in the entire 1.5 years we have lived here.

    We could still use more moisture and look forward to rainy, cloudy days, both here in Kansas and in poor, parched Austin.