Major Early Winter Storm Developing — Travelers Beware

Things look a bit worse than this morning. Here are the latest advisories from the National Weather Service. Graphic updated at 4:47pm CDT. 

Orange indicates blizzard warnings over a good part of eastern Colorado, northwest Kansas, and far southwest Nebraska. This includes Interstates 70, 76, and 25, parts of which will likely be closed by the storm. Addition 4:47pm: Essentially, a blizzard warning is in effect along I-70 from Denver International Airport east to Colby, KS. 

The pink is a winter storm warning which includes Denver International Airport that will get high winds and 4-8 inches of snow. Delays and/or cancelled flights are likely! Here is my Airline Survival Guide.

For the timing, here are some experimental simulated winterized radar products from Dr. Ryan Maue:

The blues = snow and the lighter the blue, the heavier the snow.  This chart is valid at 6am MDT tomorrow morning.

By tomorrow afternoon at 4pm CDT, the snow — quite heavy — moves out into the High Plains. Given the recent warm ground temperatures (it is currently 74° in Wichita and 67° in Garden City, KS) it is questionable how much will stick but visibility will be low in heavy falling and blowing snow.

AccuWeather has even more on this developing storm.

Because it has been so warm lately, I’m concerned this is going to be a sucker punch to the region. If you have friends or relatives planning to travel into these areas, please let them know so they can make an informed decision whether to risk it. I wouldn’t.

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