More on the Cancer Risk from the TSA’s Nude Machines

How did the United States swing from considering such [cancer causing] X-rays taboo to deeming them safe enough to scan millions of people a year? …
Because of a regulatory Catch-22, the airport X-ray scanners have escaped the oversight required for X-ray machines used in doctors’ offices and hospitals. The reason is that the scanners do not have a medical purpose, so the FDA cannot subject them to the rigorous evaluation it applies to medical devices.
Still, the FDA has limited authority to oversee some non-medical products and can set mandatory safety regulations. But the agency let the scanners fall under voluntary standards set by a nonprofit group heavily influenced by industry.
As for the TSA, it skipped a public comment period required before deploying the scanners. Then, in defending them, it relied on a small body of unpublished research to insist the machines were safe, and ignored contrary opinions from U.S. and European authorities that recommended precautions, especially for pregnant women. 

Finally, the manufacturer, Rapiscan Systems, unleashed an intense and sophisticated lobbying campaign, ultimately winning large contracts.

The TSA’s nude machines: Tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, lack of privacy, diminished liberty, and an enhanced threat of cancer for those of us who travel frequently. Who could ask for more?
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2 thoughts on “More on the Cancer Risk from the TSA’s Nude Machines

  1. TSA wankers and molesters just want to have fun. Our Janet the Molester DHS chief is messed up. Congress mewls and prances with the skill of trained piglets. No help there.The humiliation is coordinated by freemasonic economic warriors in the service of her satanic majesty, the queen of England, who even though you cannot imagine her going to the bathroom, is an incredibly nasty troll.

  2. The TSA doesn't allow it's employees to wear dosimeters because they say "there is no threat". Perhaps not to the person who walks through the machine and is done, but to ignore the threat of radiation to the employees who stand alongside and in front of said machines. But then in my experience the TSA has never done things the right way. Training was lousy, practical training was to weed out the weakest people, and the amount of noses that were brown was astonishing. I know of which I speak. 8 years. No more. Retired with a bum right arm. Sad but true.