Damaging Tornado in Alabama

Via James Spann and several of my Facebook friends:

Here is the conventional radar (top) with a hook echo and debris ball and the simultaneous Doppler display of the major tornado near Birmingham. The lower display shows a strong rotational wind “couplet.”

Here are a couple of early photos of the damage. According to The Birmingham News, the worst damage is near Oak Grove, Center Point, Clay, and Trussville.

Cross your fingers, but — so far — no reports of loss of life in these major nighttime tornadoes. That is likely due, in part, to the outstanding forecasts made by the Storm Prediction Center and my local TV meteorologists and the NWS throughout the affected regions.

UPDATE: I’m sorry to report that CNN is now reporting two deaths with the 3:30am tornado. While a horrible tragedy for the families and friends of the victims, that is a very low number for a tornado that occurs in the middle of the night.

UPDATE II:  Video from CNN here.  AccuWeather coverage here.

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