Free Electric Car Charging Station

And, with the environment a theme of the blog today, if you are in downtown Wichita and have an electric car, there is a new — and free — public charging station in the Bank of America parking garage on Level 3. There is a restaurant across the walkway on the same level. So, since it is a 240 v. station, you could having lunch while getting your car “juiced” to get back home.

2 thoughts on “Free Electric Car Charging Station

  1. That's a pretty nice publicity stunt. No more electric cars than are out there, they can aford to pay for any electricity used and get to advertise that they are "green". If electric cars ever get any kind of significant market share, you can bet it ain't gonna be free any more.

    Speaking of publicity stunts, has anyone ever seen the wind turbine at the Hartman arena turning? Ever?

    Apologies to readers not in the Wichita area that don't know what I'm talking about.


  2. They have added a second free charging station in the parking lot immediately north of the building on the Broadway side.