More Attacks on TV Meteorologists and Free Speech: In South Africa

Now, a bill to punish forecasters who differ from the government forecasts — even if the forecast is correct.

As written, the South African Weather Service Amendment Bill would affect not just TV weathermen and online weather sites but also community-based weather services. First offenses would be punished with a fine or up to 5 million rand (about $630,000) or five years in jail. The fines and jail time would be doubled for subsequent offenses.

Details are here.

As I have said before on this blog: This whole “political correctness” movement directed toward meteorologists could have some very ugly long term consequences that might eventually extend far beyond our profession.

Consider this: Don’t you find it odd that meteorologists — the scientists most familiar with that atmosphere — are the ones being taken to task (see two postings down) for not believing in ‘global warming’? Could it be there is something wrong with the IPCC/Al Gore hypothesis rather than the scientists?

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One thought on “More Attacks on TV Meteorologists and Free Speech: In South Africa

  1. I'd support such a bill if it would cut back on the "Storms Prediction Center" and "Nationals Weather Service" pages on Facebook and the idiots behind those types of "forecasts."